INVISIO unveils new Intercom app, adding to market-leading tactical communications systems

06 May 2024 · Press Release

Today INVISIO announce a brand-new app, INVISIO Control™, to make it easier than ever for military and public safety professionals to manage tactical communications.

The INVISIO app offers an intuitive interface that provides a real-time visualization of all radios connected to the INVISIO Intercom system allowing users to see all traffic and user activity, control access rights, change audio settings and relay radios.

The app is available as a Windows app and makes it easier than ever to manage communications both pre-mission and during deployment.

Via an API, the same information can seamlessly integrate into other systems, such as navigation systems and battle management systems, making it invaluable in mission planning and adaptation.

Benefits of INVISIO Control™ include:

  • Visualization: The graphical interface allows users to see exactly who is communicating, how and when, showing all radios connected to the INVISIO Intercom system.
  • Configuration on the go: The app allows users to be added or removed with the simple click of a button, making it adaptable to a mission or situation. This could mean changes to personnel or changes of environment such as moving into vehicles.
  • Crossbanding: The app makes it possible to relay / crossband radios attached to the INVISIO intercom system, allowing communications between military and public safety units.
  • Integration with other systems: The API is proven to integrate seamlessly with other systems, such as navigation systems, making it an effective addition.

“This new app is another piece in the puzzle of providing users with the most effective tactical communications systems on the market,” said Peter Lustrup, Senior Product Manager Digital Solutions at INVISIO. “As well as providing real-time visualization of all radios and users operating on a specific mission, it offers the ability to configure users on the move, allowing adaptation to fast-moving scenarios, as well as relay / crossbanding to allow communication with other radios attached to the INVISIO intercom system.”

The API solution has already proven incredibly effective and tested with excellent results together with industry-partner SeaCross Marine, a Swedish provider of navigation systems for high-speed vessels. “Integration of the INVISIO API into SeaCross High Speed Navigation system combines the best of two worlds. “Now, operators only have one intuitive interface to monitor and manage everything related to navigation and communication”, said Axel Törneman, CEO at SeaCross Marine AB.

The new INVISIO app is unveiled at SOF Week in Tampa US and a demo will be available at INVISIO’s yacht near Jackson’s and the API solution will be demoed live at SeaCross -booth #2712.

For more information on the INVISIO Control™ app, please visit:

To access high-resolution visuals, please visit:

For inquiries, please contact us at or get in touch with your local INVISIO sales representative.


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