Why invest in INVISIO?

INVISIO holds a leading position in a growing niche market.

Our main strengths include high growth with solid profitability, a strong corpo­rate culture and a clear strategy. Key success factors in this context are a continued broadening of our product portfolio, the penetration of new markets and an expansion into new user groups.


The target is to increase average sales by at least 20 per cent per year.

Stable financial development and consistently high R&D investments

Proven strong long-term growth

  • Despite a sharp slowdown during two years of the covid pandemic, INVISIO recorded average annual growth in 2019–2023 of 28 percent.

  • Strong order book of more than SEK 600 million at the start of 2024.

  • The acquisition of Racal Acoustics in 2021 strengthened our market position, broadened our offer and increased the revenue base.

  • The market for INVISIO’s products and solutions is non-cyclical and structurally growing.

Sound profitability enables offensive R&D

  • The average gross margin in 2019–2023 was 58 percent. In 2023 the margin was 60 percent.

  • The average operating margin for 2019– 2023 exceeded 15 percent. In 2023 it was 20 percent.

  • The group invested an average of 14 per­cent of revenue in research and develop­ment annually in 2019–2023.

High scalability and robust financial position

  • All volume production is performed by contract manufacturers. This enables scalability and efficient management of variations in order intake.

  • INVISIO is debt-free and has a solid financial position. The group’s equity/assets ratio was 68 percent (64) at year-end.

Strong market position in a growing niche market

Growing niche market with high entry barriers

  • Increased geopolitical uncertainty has led to substantial increases in military appropria­tions and defense budgets.

  • The market is growing structurally as more defense and law enforcement users are issued with personal communication equip­ment.

  • Hearing loss is the most common injury for military personnel. One in three police offi­cers and more or less all soldiers experience hearing loss after leaving the service.

  • Entering the market and winning a public procurement process normally takes several years. High barriers to entry have resulted in relatively few active players.

Market leading position and a portfolio of multi-year framework agreements and programs

  • INVISIO, with its two strong INVISIO and Racal Acoustics brands, is the clear global market leader in its niche. Racal Acoustics’ breakthrough in the US in early 2023 further cemented the group's position.

  • INVISIO has a portfolio of framework agree­ments and programs that facilitate repeat sales. Agreements and programs usually run for three to seven years. Contracts in the armored vehicle market can run for considerably longer. Customers include US defense forces, several NATO armies and the Swedish and Danish police services.
Clear growth strategy

Broader customer offer and new user categories and geographical markets

  • The new Intercom system is an entirely new source of revenue. Its market potential is estimated at SEK 7 billion per year. In 2023 several volume orders were received.

  • Law enforcement is a growing user group, with an estimated annual market of SEK 1.5 billion.

  • INVISIO is addressing new geographical markets, mainly in Asia but also in South America and the Middle East.

  • The acquisition of Racal Acoustics added an entirely new, complementary product category whose distribution has been con­siderably strengthened by INVISIO’s sales organization.
Strong corporate culture

A strong corporate culture characterized by innovative capacity and high technical expertise

  • INVISIO’s corporate culture is strong. Incentive and option programs cover all employees, which helps motivate people and strengthen the internal culture.

  • INVISIO’s Employee Net Promoter Score was very high in both the 2022 and 2023 surveys.

  • INVISIO has a history of very low staff turnover and short-term sickness absence.

  • Experienced management team with many years of working together. The CEO and the heads of sales and R&D have all worked for INVISIO for more than 16 years.
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