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Effective communication in difficult conditions

INVISIO develops and markets advanced communication systems that help professionals in noisy and mission critical environments to work more safely and effectively while protecting their hearing.

Personal communication systems

System for users in the field

The system under the INVISIO brand is primarily developed for users who are mobile and serving in the field. The system includes headset, cables and control unit. It is compatible with all radio models and other types of sound sources.

Connection is via patented INVISIO IntelliCables®, smart special cables, which enable plug-and-play.

Personal communication systems

System for environments with constant high noise

The Racal Acoustics brand includes systems primarily for stationary users active in environments characterized by constant high noise. These include crews of large military vehicles and land-based air traffic controllers.

The systems include headset and cables and are usually mounted in vehicles.

Intercom system

New system for communication in vehicles, boats and helicopters

INVISIO’s Intercom system developed in-house enables simple and effective internal communication in vehicles, boats and helicopters, at a cost that is far below that of traditional solutions.

With the help of the Intercom system, users of INVISIO’s personal communication equipment can connect to the vehicle’s communication network, and also communicate with the vehicle’s driver and other passengers, in a far simpler way than has previously been possible.

INVISIO’s new negotiator solutions

Customized for law enforcement

INVISIO’s newly developed negotiator solutions were produced in close cooperation with police forces in Scandinavia, but are now used by the police in Australia, Italy and the USA, among others.

The two products were developed for use in complex situations, such as hostage-taking, where the negotiation requires one or more teams of different experts.The standard solution meets the needs of most situations, while the more advanced solution can handle more complex situations where a larger number of people is involved in several different support teams.

Artificial intelligence means a paradigm shift

As part of the forward-looking investments, INVISIO has expanded the company’s expertise in artificial intelligence and digital signal processing.

One result of this is the launch of the next generation product platform, the INVISIO V-Series Gen II, whose major advantage, apart from better performance, lies in substantially increased flexibility for customers.

The platform makes it possible to more simply and regularly update and configure customers’ solutions.

INVISIO IntelliCable®

The world’s smartest cables

The key to the versatility and user-friendliness of INVISIO’s offer lies in a seamless plug-and-play integration between the different parts of the system and external units such as radios, mobile phones, computers and other sound sources. What makes this possible is INVISIO’s smart and unique IntelliCable®.

The patented cables can be programmed with a number of different presets, adapted on the basis of both specific conditions and individual user preferences. This plug-and-play functionality is unique to INVISIO’s solutions and constitutes a strong competitive advantage.

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