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INVISIO at a glance

We enable professionals in noisy and mission critical environments to communicate and work effectively while protecting their hearing. 

We reduce the risk of work-related injuries and lifelong hearing impairment.


Innovative solutions that make a difference

INVISIO’s overall objective is to generate sustainable growth with sound profitability. The financial targets are to increase sales by an average of 20 per cent per year and that the operating margin should over time exceed 15 per cent.

Achieving the targets requires continued innovative product development, market penetration and expansion, as well as cost focus.

CEO, Lars Højgaard

Strong end to 2023 and a promising start to 2024

The positive trend continued during the final quarter of the year. Revenue reached a record SEK 346 million (289), and on an annualized basis exceeded SEK 1.2 billion (776 million). A strong order book exceeding SEK 600 million ensures a solid start to 2024. This performance testifies to the success of the investments that we have implemented in recent years and puts us in a strong position to take advantage of the opportunities offered by market conditions.

Strategy for profitable growth

1 /

Increase market share in existing markets
  • Apart from winning new procurement contracts, the aim is to increase sales in the context of agreements already signed.

2 /

Broaden the product portfolio through innovative development
  • INVISIO intends to continually broaden its product portfolio with user-friendly, flexible and cost-effective products. This broadening will be mainly through innovative and customer-oriented product development.

3 /

Address new user groups
  • INVISIO aims to reach new volume markets by addressing new user groups with a similar need to be able to communicate in noisy and challenging environments while at the same time protecting their hearing.

4 /

Expand to new geographies
  • INVISIO is to expand to new geographical markets. Not least, selected markets in Asia, the Middle East and South America will play a growing role.

5 /

Sustainable and cost-effective operations
  • Continued sustainable and profitable growth will be maintained among other things by focusing on costs internally in the company and for manufacture of the company’s products. INVISIO and its manufacturing partners collaborate closely to safeguard volume gains and competitive production costs.

A scalable business model

The core of INVISIO’s business model is to use good understanding of the customer and innovative capacity to develop effective communication solutions, creating value for both users and society.

Investment case

Why invest in INVISIO?

In recent years the company has made considerable investments in both the customer offer and its sales organization. The investments have resulted in a new offer – the Intercom system – and sales offices in the UK, USA, France, Thailand and Italy.

The sales target for INVISIO is average annual growth of 20 per cent. The target for the operating margin is that it should exceed 15 per cent.

The investment case aims to show significant value drivers for the INVISIO share.
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